I would like to share a bit of information about my paintings and myself. I studied pastels and portraiture under Guy Bernardo of San Diego. After a 25 year detour into architectural rendering, I have returned to my first love, painting people and animals. The medium of pastels is especially satisfying since it allows me to actually use my fingers to manipulate the painting. I have included several oils also, done after studying with Behrouz Mirdadian of San Anselmo. 
     All of my paintings are done completely by hand, from the sketch phase through the completed piece. No computer enhancements or projectors were used to create these works. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed painting them.   

Are We There Yet?   24 x 18  Pastel

Debbie Patrick - Oils and Pastels
 Miguel,  24 x 36  Oil on Linen